Thursday, November 02, 2006

More motivational posters

Here are my latest motivational posters, which have been seen in that mega thread on (I posted my last poster, below, to the thread this evening; it was message #11761).

As in previous cases, click on the image to see a larger version of it.

The picture is of the character Henry Gale from the TV show Lost.

This next set requires a little bit of explanation. There have been a number of "tunnel" posts, where one person includes the last person's poster in their own, creating a string of posters leading into infinity. This one was from a series of posters about wargames. The original poster mentioned the game Star Fleet Battles, one of the biggest, most complex games developed. It's a Star Trek combat game, but it went from a humble game (that I once owned) into a horrendous monster. Someone trumped SFB with Advanced Squad Leader, which has literally hundreds of pages of rules (though not all are needed to play). This was followed by Squad Leader which, with its add-ons, was actually more complicated, with fewer pages of rules, than ASL. I trumped them all with this poster. Yes, the game I mentioned does exist (no, I don't have it, and if I did I'd throw it on eBay immediately).

Someone suggested taking the Squad Leader poster and doing a tunnel back to what is considered the first recreational wargame, Little Wars, written by science fiction author H.G. Wells. I did the last three that you see in this poster, taking the tunnel back to the 1920s and the Fletcher Pratt naval rules (and a contemporary, and acquaintance, of H.P. Lovecraft). I don't think anyone ever did a Little Wars poster, unfortunately.

Someone on the thread mentioned a female friend of his wanting to play in an oriental roleplaying game, but she was having problems getting past the limitations on women in feudal China and Japan because of societal restrictions. He put out a call for posters showing strong female roles in feudal Japan or China. I did these.

The first two are of the female samurai Tomoe Gozen (the first is a photograph of a woman re-enactor, the second is a picture of a mannequin).

This is from a photograph of a different female samurai re-enactor:

And this is another picture of Tomoe Gozen, but much more fancifully done:

And a return to funny posters, with two I posted this evening. The first is from the Ctrl-Alt-Del web comic:

And this is from the Least I Could Do web comic:

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