Monday, May 25, 2009

This Favored Land at IPR, and other stuff that's happened

I've still been uber busy, yada yada yada, but this being the long weekend I have some time for blogging.

Arc Dream sent copies of This Favored Land to Indie Press Revolution, the chief place for purchasing it online. They're now sold out! Some 28 copies made their way to Leisure Games in Britain, for sale in the U.K. and Europe. Pre-orders are being/have been sent out. You can buy the PDF version of the book at IPR, but for now they are waiting for a new shipment of the actual hard copy.

I ran games at ImagiCon in Birmingham, AL two months ago. I will be running six adventures at GenCon in Indianapolis in August, and a similar number at DragonCon in Atlanta in September. Half the games are for This Favored Land. Two are playtest games for The Black Devils Brigade: Daring To Die, a supplement I'm almost finished writing for Godlike (superheroes in World War II). The last game is for a game idea I have for Wild Talents. Two of the This Favored Land adventures and one of the Black Devils Brigade adventures have already been tested and run well at previous events.

Here are the events I'm running. I'll post an entry when the full slate of Arc Dream games are listed.

  • This Favored Land - Crescent City Crescendo: In Yankee occupied New Orleans, the players must stop a bomb plot that threatens to shatter the fragile peace. Superhero roleplaying during the War Between the States.

  • This Favored Land - Deserters: Early spring, 1863. A unique band of superpowered soldiers -- half Yankee, half Rebel -- desert from their units to hunt a dangerous common enemy in Tennessee's Smokey Mountains. Not long ago they were enemies, but now they must unite in pursuit of justice and vengeance. Superhero roleplaying during the War Between the States.

  • This Favored Land - Horror at Spangler's Spring: The Battle of Gettysburg is into its second day, and something terrible is happening to the wounded men near Spangler's Spring. It's up to the PCs to investigate, and stop, the horror. Superhero roleplaying during the War Between the States.

  • The Black Devils Brigade - Daring To Die: December, 1943: Elements of two divisions failed to wrest Hill 960 from the Germans. In their first real combat mission, the job of taking Monte la Difensa now falls to the joint American-Canadian First Special Service Force. Can this elite unit -- spearheaded by the men of the Talent Section -- do the impossible and succeed where so many others have failed?

  • The Black Devils Brigade - Repeat Performance: January, 1944: The American-Canadian First Special Service Force are relieved from their successful attack on Monte Majo, only to learn that their relief force has lost the mountain. The Force must, again, take the last hill blocking the Allies from Liri Valley and a drive on Rome.

  • Wild Talents - Target: Planet Earth! - As an alien invader, you must observe the hairless apes and analyze their weaknesses. But it's not easy avoiding nosey neighbors, snooping reporters, and the ominious Persons in Brown. And what's with the weird lights coming from the abandoned bubblegum factory at the edge of town? Target: Planet Earth! A Wild Talents game of alien invasion and futile resistance.

For the record, here's the stuff I'm working on:

  • Finishing up The Black Devils Brigade - Daring To Die. I want to get this done in the next couple of weeks so that it will be ready for playtesting soon, and so I can begin work on...

  • Operation Torch. This is a large campaign for Godlike. Most of it has been completed by other writers, but I've been asked to add a couple of adventures and tie the whole package together. I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of October.

  • The Silver Pavilion. An historical/fantasy game set in medieval Japan at the time of the Onin War. I've already started researching this.

  • Playtesting Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity. Alana and Jason are now caught up in testing the new Delta Green book with me (I haven't written anything for it, just testing it). I'm also looking at other groups to help with the playtesting.

  • Work on Target: Planet Earth, a humorous alien invasion supplement for Wild Talents. I'm running a game of this at GenCon. So far it's just a loose collection of notes, but it should be a fun game to rope Logan into.

  • Prepare a Vampire: The Requiem game for Alana. This will be a one-on-one game, once I get the time to work on it!

That's a lot of stuff to do. We'll see, as the year progresses, how far I get with each of these projects.