Friday, April 24, 2009


Yeah. So this is not Allan; it's Alana. He's been so busy for so many months that I've finally stormed in to update his blog. (Call it a very minor coup.)

First and foremost, his book has finally been published! Yay!!! After waiting many, many, many months, then proofreading until we were cross-eyed...This Favored Land was officially born. (Printed. Whatever. We're just excited it's here.) He went to ImagiCon in Birmingham, AL to begin promoting it, and will be at GenCon in Indianapolis this summer as well. There are a couple of other conventions he might manage to get to if things work out (Origins, DragonCon).

Otherwise, he's been working too hard; both at (real) work and writing the next book(s), and also at taking care of his klutz of a wife (that would be yours truly). To be honest, I think I'm more work than the rest of it combined.

Did I mention This Favored Land yet?

I'm kind of excited for him. ;-)