Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another example of synchronicity

A couple of posts ago I mentioned synchronicity, the weird little coincidences that pop out at you. Here's another one.

Today, on I read a review of Wraeththu, a thoroughly awful roleplaying game by all accounts. The author of the review used this phrase: "He looks like a gamer version of a Keene painting."

At the same time as I was reading that, I opened a TV review article on Salon. I'm just now reading it. The phrase that pops out at me? "The studly, flawless good guy saves an adorable foreign child with eyes straight out of a Keane painting..."

The darnedest thing. And I don't think I'd ever seen a Keane painting, not until I Googled it just now. The eyes on some of the pictures look remarkably like the aliens I'd been looking at on a clipart web site earlier today.

Weird, indeed.

Arc Dream GenCon events posted to Live Journal

I noticed last night that the Arc Dream events were now in the GenCon calendar. I posted a complete list of these events — all 24 of them, including the 6 that I'm running — to the Arc Dream Live Journal.

You can view our GenCon 2009 events here:

You can also download the event calendar from the GenCon web site at:

If you want to pre-register for any of these events, you have to sign into the GenCon web site. Also, while I tried hard to make sure I copied the event ID codes correctly, if you're signing up for any of these codes I suggest you double check the code number.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm fascinated by weird little rancom coincidences. For instance, the other night there I watched a rerun of The Family Guy, which was immediately followed by a rerun of The Office, both of which featured the song "Camptown Races".

This is just one of several that hit me this week. Which brings up another one today. Earlier this week I read a chapter in the upcoming Delta Green book and sent in my comments. Without giving much away, one part of the text mentioned the slave revolt on the island of Saint Dominique in 1789. Today, I happened to catch up on some reading on the Civil War Memory web site, and it, too, mentions that slave revolt (in yesterday's posting). I read about the revolt years ago, and here it pops up twice in a couple of days.

I recommend the Civil War Memory blog, found at It's written by a teacher and Civil War historian, whose mission is to educate about the wary while cutting through many of the myths surrounding it. I've had a link to the site on my blog for a while, but the link was to the old site (I've now updated it).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update on Alana

Alana was in the hospital, from Thursday to Monday. She started throwing up for no good reason on Thursday and couldn't stop. Her white blood cell count was up, indicating gastroenteritis, apparently.

She got to come home on Monday, but has been queasy ever since. She felt good earlier today but took a turn back to feeling queasy. Hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow.

Oddly enough, her back and leg pain — which has been her big problem recently — hasn't been an issue. It's like parts of her rotate through making her miserable.

Anyway, some folks have been asking about her, so I thought I'd post something on the blog.