Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm in a bit of shock...

I heard some horrible, sad and disturbing news today. Laura Miller Edwards, of Pamlico County, North Carolina, is missing. Her truck was found in a rural town, with her purse inside and the doors locked.

Laura works for one of our clients. I trained her on our software product back in May, when I was conducting on site training. I didn't get to know her as well as some of the others in the office, as she didn't do as much on our system as the other folks, but I did talk to her a couple of times after I got back to Louisiana. The last time I spoke to her was about five weeks ago, when I talked her through a program problem over the phone. Unlike most people I support, she knew Windows quite well; I was able to walk her through something that most people would find fairly complicated in only a couple of minutes.

No one knows what happened to her.

Here are the two articles about her:



Of course, everyone at our office and hers hopes that she turns up safe and sound.


Winter said...

That's so sad, did anyone ever find anything out?!

Allan Goodall said...

No, so far nothing. There are a couple of more recent news items, but nothing since the first of November.

According to one, she disappeared shortly after midnight after having a fight with her boyfriend (that's the implication, anyway, as the item doesn't spell it out). Considering they found her shoe about 500 metres from her car, it's not looking good. There are woods in that area; I'm afraid if something happened, or someone did something to her, it could be months or years before she's found.

Here's a link to a more recent news item.

Here's a TV news item with her picture.