Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Neat stuff!

A couple of items I tripped across.

Item 1: Wil Wheaton is the actor best known for his roles in Stand By Me and, of course, Star Trek: The Next Generation (or, as it was called by some derisive folks at the time, the Wesley Crusher Power Hour).

Wil Wheaton has posted a couple of entries to the TV Squad blog. Yesterday he wrote up a review/plot synopsis for the "The Last Outpost" episode of ST:TNG, season 1. The review/synopsis is very funny. Besides the self-deprecating tone he takes about his character and the implications that he didn't particularly like some of the writers, the review/synopsis is really quite funny. At times it hits Dave Barry levels of silliness. It's really worth checking out, even if you didn't like the TV show (maybe especially if you didn't like the TV show).

"The Last Outpost" review is here:
. This is the episode that introduced the Ferengi.

Wheaton also did a review of "The Naked Now", considered by some to be the worst ST:TNG episode ever written. Since Wheaton's Wesley Crusher character is at the centre of it, his comments are particularly apt. It was posted back in September, and is found here:

Item 2: New York magazine has an article about and an interview with Stephen Colbert. As I consider myself a member of the Colbert Nation, I thought I'd pass it along. I really liked the quiz where you have to decide if the comment came from Stephen Colbert or Ann Coulter.

The full article is here:

Item 3: If you've ever wanted a true type font of your own handwriting, this article over at Lifehacker explains how to do it. All you'll need is a printer, paper, a pen and/or image editing program, and US$9. (Michael, you so have to do this!)

The article is here:


JAM said...

I came across Wil Wheaton's writings via a link from a blog on a day I was blog surfing. I like him a lot. I don't check his blog every day, but I do try to go and catch up. He has a great way of writing that truly lets you see the world through his eyes. He seems like the kind of person I would love to actually meet.

Thanks for the link on the true type font in your own handwriting link. About a year ago, I found a site on the internet where you print and fill out forms, send them in (with $125), and they send you back a CD with your own cursive and printing handwriting fonts. I wanted it, but balked at the cost. I'll definitely try this out.

Michael said...

Okay, I am so working on it.

Allan Goodall said...

I came across Wil Wheaton's writings via a link from a blog on a day I was blog surfing.

I'm going to have to read that!

He seems to be taking the whole "hated by almost every Trekkie" thing in stride. I have to admit that I hated his character, too, but thought as an actor he was getting too much grief over it. It was fun to read that he didn't like what they were doing to his character, either!

Thanks for the link on the true type font in your own handwriting link.

Glad that Designated Import was of service!

I'm tempted to do my own writing, though I don't write in cursive anymore. I got out of the habit in college, and other than my signature I'm not sure how much I even remember! I have pretty poor handwriting, so I'm not sure what kind of a chicken scratch it would look like on a computer...

Allan Goodall said...

Michael, if you do go ahead and get your printing done as a font, I want a copy!