Sunday, October 01, 2006

Posted my Cause of the American Civil War essay

I finished my Cause of the American Civil War essay, or at least I finished it enough that I'm willing to inflict it on an unsuspecting public.

I will warn you now that the essay is fairly "mainstream". That is, I don't think tariffs were the cause of the war! I'm heavily influenced by James McPherson and others of his ilk. As such, it will rub some folks the wrong way. Actually, in part 4 I give a URL to a Columbia University site that describes the alternate theories.

The essay is found at

All of my American Civil War essays are found at

Now that this essay is over, I can turn my attention back to my Gettysburg campaign essay...

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JAM said...

Allan. It's me, the bad penny. Keep showing up.

I started reading some of your essays, but I wanted to comment, not about the essays directly, I haven't read much there yet.

But seeing your huge interest in the American Civil War... (Believe it or not, I know folks who STILL call it the war of Northern Aggression.) But when I was a kid, on my Father's side of the family, we would have a Williamson family reunion at "Fort Hill" in Harrisonburg, Louisiana. "Fort Hill" is what the locals call the site of the old Fort Beauregard, a civil war fort.

It is in Catahoula Parish, and Fort Beauregard, in the Civil War, was shelled by Union gunships from the Ouachita river. One Union crewman even won a Congressional Medal of Honor in this, according to one web site I found.

I have just vague memories of this hill, where there is an amphitheater. I remember us kids running up and down the stairs of the amphitheater. I've always wanted to go back, but haven't been since the early 1970's.

But if you try to find out any information on Fort Beauregard on the internet, there is precious little. I just remember my parents telling us that there was a Civil War battle fought there and that there were still some places in the village that still had bullet holes or shell holes or something.

Anyway, thought that, since you're in Louisiana, it might be something you could look into. As I said, there's very little on the internet about it, and I could find no photos of the site either. You would probably have better luck than most, Ouachita Parish libraries might have some detail that hasn't made it to the internet.

I'm not trying to tell you what to do; I thought you might be interested. I see that your essays are mainly about main events and the big picture, but hey, I thought you might not have heard of this battle. I keep forgetting to ask my Mom about it to see what she remembers.