Monday, October 09, 2006

The utlimate RPG table

I came across this courtesy of RPG.Net. Someone created what may very well be the ultimate roleplaying game table. It has a large surface for miniatures. It has individual nooks for the players, complete with cork board for pinning handouts and a recess for rolling dice. It has a system for sending messages to individual players via metal balls. It has lighting, both overhead and backlight. It has a spot for a computer. It even has coasters!

We usually just laze around the living room when we play. I haven't been able to convice the group to play at a table, though until recently our small dining room table had horrible seats. I think I could convince them if we had this table.

You can see the table at Click on the thumbnail pictures and then navigate through the pictures. Some of the pics are awful, but by the time you get through the first 10 or so you'll have a good idea of how the table works.

They will eventually post plans...

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