Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sun, surf, and bad karaoke

My first work day here in Daytona is over. The whole day was spent setting up clients on their server and installing our system on their desktops. For the number of clients this should have been finished by 10 a.m. Part of it had to do with their server not being set up right, and part had to do with a client with a single semi-technical person who was pulled in a bunch of directions at once. So, we're off to a rousing start.

Oh, and I phoned home to the tech guys to come up with a solution. We came up with our own when they didn't phone back in a reasonable amount of time. Turns out their suggestion, which came through as we were leaving, was what we implemented. Geez, thanks.

I managed to get to the one game store in town. It's nothing to write home about. Our sad little game store in Monroe (a comic shop, actually) has more roleplaying games. This place seemed to be half collectible miniatures games. The owner was very nice, though.

I'm now sitting here typing up this entry in the dark. Okay, I guess it's "mood lighting". This is slightly better off than I was up until 10 minutes ago, when they had kid karaoke night. Friday is adult karaoke. They have wireless internet in the lowest level... which makes sense, as that's where the fitness room and the pool are(?!?). I may risk it Friday, when they have "adult karaoke". If you saw yesterday's post, you saw how cool the rooms were. Apparently this place makes its money by not providing proper maid service; they didn't make the bed or change towels. It's essentially a rental condo... from 1993. I have to leave this hotel Saturday since it's booked up. I'm going to find out tomorrow if the woman who booked this place for me has the new place booked. If not, I'll get her to make sure the rooms have Internet first.

I still have to go down to the beach. Might do that tomorrow. I have to get Logan a souvenir, and there are plenty of souvenir places nearby. It's awesome waking up in the morning and seeing the sun rise over the Atlantic. I miss large bodies of water (having spent most of my life near Lake Ontario). Still, the beach life without internet in the hotel room is getting old. I guess I am, too!

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