Friday, March 30, 2007

More beach pics

I was going to write a blog post then post the pictures, but Alana's getting impatient, so here are some pics I took on Wednesday.

As always, click on the picture to see a larger version of it...

The hotel where I'm staying, from the front:

The beach, behind the hotel, looking south toward the pier:

A seagull and the surf:

A pair of seagulls:

And a trio of seagulls:

The same three seagulls after I made them a little nervous:

The beach south of the pier. I think the north end is better:

A restaurant on the pier. You can walk through the restaurant and the gift show to go to the end of the pier, but they want $1 for that. I didn't bother, but a bunch of people did, for fishing:

And the same spot of the last picture, but looking west instead of east:

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