Monday, March 19, 2007

Computer free weekend

I realized this morning that I hadn't so much as turned on the computer this weekend!

Alana and I were alone, so we had a stress free, laid back weekend. I ended up playing a couple of games solitaire (Battle Cry, a Civil War miniatures/board game hybrid in one of my favourite all-time game systems, and Formula Dé, a Formula One race car game). I did a fair bit of reading of game stuff, and way too much sleep (though you wouldn't know it from this morning).

And I got to watch the first Formula One race of the season, something I almost never get to do. It was the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne. Speed, the racing channel, ran it live early Sunday morning. I stayed up to 3:30 watching it! (This is what got me thinking of playing Formula Dé).

So that's my excuse for not blogging this weekend.

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