Friday, September 22, 2006

More RPG motivational posters

Back in July I posted a bunch of roleplaying game motivational posters I created and posted in an forum thread. I've done some more, so here are the rest.

As in the last time, click on the picture to see a bigger view of it (just in case the text is hard to read).

Being a fan of Invader Zim, I decided to do a couple of "alignment" posters. Some games require a character to be good, neutral, or evil, and either lawful, neutral, or chaotic. So...

Of course, when you create characters with a set alignment you run the risk of playing them differently from the way you created them:

This next poster was part of a series. Some guy posted a bunch of posters proclaiming the coolness and superheroic powers of Chuck Norris. I just had to respond. (In roleplaying — and Hong Kong action movie — parlance, a "mook" is an unnamed enemy of low ability.)

This is another one of those "in joke" posters that non-roleplayers might not get. In particular, this is for all those Call of Cthulhu players. Someone posted a couple of posters about magic and pentacles/pentagrams. So, I followed up with:

Of course, H. P. Lovecraft did not design his Elder Sign that way. That one is the creation of Ramsay Campbell, I think. Lovecraft's Elder Sign looked like this:

Then I got to thinking about what an Elder Sign does. In the fiction and in the game it prevents nasty Mythos creatures from entering a portal. So why do characters insist on wearing the darned things as necklaces?

This, in turn, led to memories of a roleplaying session about 10 years ago. Two characters, run by Martin Sloan and Chris Smith, were guarding a Non Player Character. Something broke into the upstairs room where the NPC was sleeping. They rushed upstairs and heard a commotion inside. Instead of trying to help the NPC, they waited until it was nice and quiet. When they went in, they discovered the NPC had been decapitated. They rolled for Sanity to see if they lost their lunch at the horrible site. They made their rolls. In response, Martin said the immortal words...

Someone posted a couple of Star Wars posters. This led me to thinking about Darth Vader and how totally incompetent he was. I may have mentioned this on the blog before, but Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader messes up pretty much everything he did. Except for killing all the young Jedi in Episode III, pretty much everything he did was a failure. He did kill the Emperor in Episode VI, but did it in such a way that he was killed himself.

In honour of Darth Vader, I present:

A bunch of folk did posters involving Steve Irwin, most of them involving Hit Points or stingrays. Here's mine:

Finally, another in-joke, which I doubt will be appreciated by anyone except RuneQuest players. Someone created a poster based on an anime roleplaying game with a female character on it. Someone pointed out that the effeminate character was actually a male, according to "official sources". This started a bunch of people saying that when designing roleplaying games, "If it looked like a duck and sounded like a duck, then by god it should be a duck!" I took this one step further:

So there you have them. Not as funny or ironic as the last batch, I'm afraid, but my contributions to a thread that is now over 7300 posts and well over 2.6 million page views.

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Stephen said...

Your posters are great, especially this one.