Sunday, September 10, 2006

What we've been up to this weekend

I'm surprised I actually had time to post a blog entry today, let alone two! Most of yesterday was spent taking Logan to a birthday party and then out for some shopping. We bought him a new desk (to go along with the chair Alana bought for him earlier in the week). For less than $60 he now has his own little office!

We hit the Spirit Halloween store in West Monroe. I believe this is the store's third year. It's only open seasonally (though I think in the middle of the summer it opens as a fireworks place). I went in hoping to find accessories for the costume I'll be wearing to Jimmy's Halloween party. I came out empty handed, and now thinking I'll have to come up with another costume. Alana and I had considered a dual costume: she as a vampiress and me as a vampire hunter. The "twist" would be that I would wear fang marks on my neck, suggesting I'd been seduced to the "dark side". Problem: I can't find the right accessories for my costume. I want a crossbow, which will set it off nicely. I haven't found any but the real expensive ones locally, and on eBay they are running $30 to $50 for a cheap one and $15 to $20 for crossbow pistols. There was nothing at the Halloween store I could use.

So, now I'm back to square one. I did have the cool idea as going as a Redneck Ninja, but Alana seems "lukewarm" to the idea, at best. *L* I may have to resurrect an older costume unless I can come up with a better idea in the next 6 weeks. I guess I could always go as a zombie. A little make up and my pale skin would be all that I'd need...

Today was mostly spent rearranging Logan's room and putting together the metal and MDF desk. The desk was well packaged, and all the parts were neatly arranged in a "blister pack" kind of arrangement. We did stumble on one thing. The desk drawer has two parts, the sides, that are identical. Except they were not exactly identical. There was a slight difference, and because of the difference four pilot holes did not line up when we went to assemble the drawer. I got it in place, more or less as intended, but it was a stupid mistake by the manufacturer. The instructions weren't altogether well written, either.

Logan's been playing a lot of Star Wars Battlefront II today. We have a Coke Rewards account, and our points were enough to buy us a backpack and 4 free game rentals at Blockbuster. We rented him the Star Wars game, and he's been going nuts with it ever since. I suspect he'll end up buying it before the month is out. On Tuesday our preorder for Lego Star Wars II comes out. We purchased the first Lego Star Wars last summer and had a blast with it. This one focuses on the original three episodes. I can see there will be a lot of Lego Star Warsing in my future. I see that on the same day, Lucasfilm is releasing the first three episodes as they originally appeared. This means that Han Solo gets to fire first in episode four, again! Actually, I wonder if they will release Episode IV: A New Hope, or if it will be the true original release, where there was no episode attached to it? Anyway, it's the only set of Star Wars movies I'm tempted to get, though Logan wants episode three. He doesn't really care much about episodes one and two (and episode two still confused the snot out of me).

That's my blogging done for one day. I have to phone my ISP about a problem we're having, and I need to get back to work on Harn write-ups.

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