Thursday, January 11, 2007

Road hazard

Here's a road hazard that you are unlikely to find in Canada...

If you've been reading my blog, you heard about the two tires that were punctured on my trip to Arkansas. I related this story Tuesday to someone I worked with, who is also a trainer. She mentioned how she hoped she didn't have to replace on of her tires, as she owns a Tahoe or something and the tires are expensive.

Today she came in and told me she has to replace a tire. Last night, her vehicle threw up a warning about air pressure decreasing in one of her tires. She got out and checked, but the vehicle looked okay. To be safe, she drove to a nearby tire place. Sure enough, there was something in the tire.

That something was a shell casing. You know, the metal cylinder that holds gun powder and a bullet? From the way she described it, it was part of a spent casing.

We discussed how she could have picked it up. It's possible that it was in the vehicle of a hunter, and it ended up in the parking lot here at work after someone got out of their vehicle. Someone might have disposed of it around here, or on the street. For that matter she could have picked it up pretty much anywhere, and her car only warned her when it has worked its way to the point where it affected the tire's pressure.

Or, someone nearby could have fired off a gun.

We work on a road that delineates the northern part of the city with the southern, primarily very poor, part of town. The guy at the tire place apparently wasn't all that surprised to see the casing in the tire. Oh, marvey...


Michael Skeet said...

And I thought that getting a nail in the tire was bad.

Actually, running over a shell casing is probably a risk in many parts of rural Canada in the fall. My late father-in-law was an avid hunter, and I think my brother-in-law still hunts. Of course, these guys fired shotguns. Was the shell casing in question from a long-arm or a pistol?

Allan Goodall said...

I can breathe a little easier.

The shell casing was too long to be a pistol shell. It must have been a rifle. One of our salespeople was sweeping up some broken glass outside our office and noticed several casings. Probably some local hunter accidentally or purposefully dumped his garbage in the street. It wasn't a shotgun case.

This isn't too surprising now, I guess. There are lots of hunters around here. It's kind of sad that there are several big hunting outfitter stores in the Monroe area, but the only place you can buy a computer is Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, or Office Depot...