Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gerald Ford eaten by wolves

When I heard of Ford's passing I couldn't help it, I turned to Alana and said, "So, he was finally eaten by bears!" I was wrong... it was wolves.

Okay, it was wolves according to Dana Carvey. On Saturday Night Live in 1996, Dana Carvey did a skit where he played Tom Brokaw about to go on vacation. In order to cover the eventuality of some major event happening when he was gone, Brokaw was recording clips of potential news items. The skit covers Brokaw reporting on the death of former president Gerald Ford. Note that this skit was back in 1996, so it got the last digit of the year right!

The skit is one of the funniest I ever saw. It covers many strange eventualities, like Ford dying on the same day that France was destroyed. It's one of my favourite SNL skits. I, of course, couldn't help but think of it when Ford died.

Last week I searched the web for the clip, but couldn't find it on a search of '"dana carvey" "gerald ford"'. Thanks to the tubes of the Interweb, it's now on Google video. Here is the skit, in its entirety:


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