Friday, January 26, 2007

The Path to 9/11 rears its ugly head again

I just received an e-mail from According to the e-mail, this weekend Sean Hannity of Fox News is planning on airing the bits of The Path to 9/11 — ABC's flawed docudrama about 9/11 — that were cut because of factual errors.

The e-mail, in part said, "According to his executive producer, Sean Hannity and Fox News "feel the American people deserve both sides." We can only assume that the producer means fiction vs. fact. It's our obligation to stand up for the facts. ABC Television omitted certain scenes not because they were partisan, but because they were blatantly untrue." (The emphasis is theirs.)

It continues with, "Fox News and Sean Hannity have a right to be partisan and express their own opinions. However, if they want to claim that they're journalists, they have an obligation to report the truth. It's time to step up the pressure on Sean Hannity and Fox News."

They provide a link to an e-mail you can send requesting that if Hannity intends to air the scenes that he point out that they are factually untrue. The link is

I really can't add anything more to this...

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