Monday, August 21, 2006

Power's back!

How about that, the power came back on five minutes after I said it wasn't looking good for it coming back up any time soon! My hat's off to Entergy's fine line workers! I have to give them credit, the guys working the lines around here seem to be pretty good. I wouldn't want to be working up a power pole with rain and lightning crashing around even if it was cool outside.

I'm now on our security enabled home wireless network. Within range of the new laptop (not the old one; the new one has a better wireless card) are five wifi networks. Only ours and one other are secure. Of the remaining three, two had default names, suggesting that the people running them have no idea how their network functions.

Just in case the owners of the AmberMobleyNetwork stumble across this blog entry, you really ought to encrypt your network!

(P.S. we didn't piggyback on that network; we "borrowed" one labelled Wireless. Good thing for them all I did was write up a blog entry and check while the power was out. It's not the first cracker that's used someone else's unsecure network to download child porn, or large downloads, or to break into sites.)


JAM said...

Hello Allan, I just happened upon your blog. I grew up in Monroe (ages 12-21). I went to Lee Jr. High, Neville H.S., ULM, and LaTech.

I can sympathize with you in a weird way, I have lived away from there a long time now, but still see the world through the lens of having come from Monroe. Kinda the opposite of your situation, which I talk about often in my blog.

I remember well the power outages in Funroe (as we used to call it, tongue firmly in cheek), which were exceeded in number only by how many times per year the cable for TV went out. I've lived in Florida a while now, and the the frequency of lightening producing storms here have caused us to refer to FPL as 'Flicker Power and Light'.

I still have a lot of family there, but I don't get to visit very often. I have posted a number of photos from over the years on my blog that were taken around there.

Anyhoo, I like your blog, and good luck with living in Monroe. If nothing else, you'll have many stories to tell in future years.

Allan Goodall said...

Thank you for your post! Sorry it's been so long for me to reply...

I like the term "Funroe"! Alana and I were sitting around wondering where we could go one night, and there really was nowhere to go!