Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Delta Green write-ups on HyperBear

It's been a while since I posted an update to my web site. I did update the site over a month ago with the April 29 session of our modern day Delta Green roleplaying game write-ups. However, I was rushed getting that write-up posted and I didn't have a chance to do a good edit pass on it. That's why I didn't mention it here on Designated Import.

The Delta Green write-ups are now caught up, even if it did take me most of the weekend to do it. Along with an edited version of the April 29 session, the site now has the May 28 and 29 session and the July 22 session. These write-ups continue the campaign set in hurricane ravaged New Orleans. I wanted to get the most recent write-up posted before the one year anniversary of the date when the scenario is set. Looks like I beat that target by a couple of days.

You can find these and other write-ups on the Modern Day Delta Green write-ups page. Our next game session is tentatively scheduled for September 3, 2006.

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