Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ever want your own dungeon?

I tried to post this last night, really I did, but I had problems getting into Blogger. They now let you log in to Blogger with your Blogger ID or your Google ID. I have both, as I needed a Google ID for Gmail. Both my IDs are the same, it's just the password that's different. Last night I kept signing on with my ID, awgoodall, but I kept typing the Google password. Google ID awgoodall does not have a blog, but Blogger ID awgoodall does.

If this sounds confusing, it was...

Anyway, this is really cool. A guy by the name of Dr. H. G. Dyer (or Dyar) used to "relieve stress" by digging. He dug an entire network of passageways beneath his house until a truck fell through the weakened ground, displaying why building permits are a "good idea".

Here's a link to an image of his passage ways, from the August 1932 issue of Modern Mechanix magazine:

Someone posting to that site did some digging of their own, trying to find Harrison Gray Dyer, the entomologist. He found a link that suggests the guy had an... interesting life. Apparently while married to his first wife he up and married a second woman under an assumed name. He eventually divorced the first woman (before she could divorce him) and officially married the second woman! Kind of makes you wonder why he spent all that time in his underground layer digging...

Anyway, the second article, about his supposed history, is here:

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The mechanical worm said...

Intresting info. I knew he dug extensive tunnels but I did not know of his stange habbit of having two woman on the go. I can understand the digging part though and althogh I do not intend to go to the extream that he did I have started digging.