Monday, May 15, 2006

Logan's arm, and some other stuff

I was doing so good, posting every day for a week. Then it all went to hell in a handbasket last week. Logan, our 7 year old, broke his arm again. Same arm as he broke on Thanksgiving. Same part of his arm. He was walking along a "balance beam" (actually, a squared off log set in the ground) on a field trip to Kiroli Park, when he fell off. He landed on his left arm and it broke.

Poor little guy didn't even cry when he went to the teacher. He was so calm that one of the teachers thought he had just sprained it and needed ice. Then she saw the shape of it. It looked like a shicane from a Formula 1 course. *shudder*

His teacher rushed him to the hospital. He was in some discomfort when Alana and I got there, but he wasn't crying. The only time he really cried out was when they set his arm, and we were — thankfully — out of the room.

The doctors don't seem overly concerned that his arm broke so easily in the same placee. We, of course, are concerned. We'll hopefully know more on Thursday when we see the orthopedic surgeon. In the meantime, Logan is doing okay with his arm, once again, in a cast and sling. He's still been going to his baseball games, to act as bat boy.

We had an extremely long baseball game on Thursday. Okay, long for kids pitching machine league. It ran from 7:30 to almost 10, when they are only supposed to run an hour and a half. The other side insisted on playing three extra innings when the game was tied. They insisted because they were in first place and wanted the win. Well, our team — who have been inconsistent but steadily improving — beat them in the final inning. Serves them right, they should have taken the tie. I was surprised to see how many parents on our team thought the other side was taking it too seriously. Good to see that not everyone is a zealot when it comes to their child's game.

Earlier I mentioned Formula 1. I just realized this past weekend that the F1 season opened weeks ago! That's what happens when you live in the land of NASCAR. No other motorsports exist.

For my 100th post I had a link to the Zombie Brain site. I'm happy to report that I have so far devoured 12 brains. Mmmm, brains! Thank you. They were scrumptious.

Finally, last week, while waiting for Alana to get off work, I printed off a couple of pages from the roleplaying game All Flesh Must Be Eaten. It is a game about zombies, funny enough. It allows you to play out zombie movies, and similar settings. I can't remember what pages I printed. I think I printed a couple of character sheets plus an introductory page. I wanted them double-sided and they actually printed single sided, so I reprinted them and threw the other sheets into the garbage can. This morning there was a note, presumably from the cleaning lady, on one of my post-it notes. It said, "God loves you. Whoever you are." At least I think that's what it said, as it had a little heart on it instead of "loves" and it had a "u" and something that looked like a tulip stem. It's hard to describe. Anyway, all I can think of is that the woman saw the character sheets and/or introductory page dealing with zombies and figured my soul needed saving.

I find that... disturbing. It probably disturbed me more than the zombie stuff she found disturbed her...

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