Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Logan update

I couldn't take time off work today to go with Alana and Logan to have his cast put on. (As with the break on Thanksgiving, they took off the Ace bandage and put the fiberglass wrap around the cotton and splint.) The doctors x-rayed his arm. Of the two bones in his arm, only the ulna was broken, not the radius. The orthopedist believes that it probably didn't heal properly from the Thanksgiving break.

This is a bit of a relief, as we thought he had re-broken both bones. It's easier to believe that it was just a quirk that only one bone wasn't fully healed. If, however, he breaks it again, he's getting a bone density scan.

Logan is doing fine. He doesn't like the cast, obviously, but he's adapting... again. Once again, he chose a camouflage pattern for the colour of his cast.

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