Wednesday, May 17, 2006

First nastygram!

I received my first "nastygram" on my blog today. Someone took me to task for not taking any responsibility for the CVS meds post back in March. I guess I've crossed some sort of threshold when someone who doesn't agree with me, and probably doesn't care much for me, actually spends the time to post on my blog!

Here's the original post, with comments:

I have removed posts from my blog before, but only because they were spam. I make it a point not to censor my blog. Oh, if someone were to post nothing but a stream of expletives or something socially horrendous I will delete it. Insults and such... nah, I can stand criticism.

1 comment:

Winter said...

I'm sooo jealous.. I haven't had one yet, then again I really don't write about anything important..