Monday, April 03, 2006

Synchronicity 2

You were warned that I'd be posting items of synchronicity on my blog...

This morning, driving in to work (late) I heard NPR's World Cafe on 91.1 KXUL, ULM's college station (and probably the best radio station in Louisiana). The featured guest was Eric Burdon of The Animals, who had just released a Blues album. Burdon mentioned the time he first met Jimi Hendrix (Hendrix was a guitarist for Little Richard at the time).

This evening on Antique Roadshow on PBS someone's antique was a photograph, an autograph, and a master album from — you guessed it — Jimi Hendrix.

So on the same day I heard one anecdote about Jimi Hendrix on a National Public Radio program, and later on I heard another anecdote about Jimi Hendrix on the Public Broadcasting System.

Another one of those weird coincidences...

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