Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Follow-up on previous entry

Yesterday I posted about the Wandering Scribe blog. I mentioned that I didn't think the woman who wrote that blog was looking for sympathy. I've changed my mind. I think she truly is looking for sympathy.

She has commented on the comments she's received. She focuses on the negative and not the positive. There's something not quite right. I wrote this on Winter's blog:

... anyone wanting to catch up on the Wandering Scribe blog should read the comments section of the April 25 entry. Someone posted a pretty good summary of the woman's blog entries.

I think she's genuine, in the sense that I think she really is homeless. I think she's well enough known now that if she wasn't homeless someone would have either found out, or will find out pretty soon.

If she's truly homeless, then I think she has some serious psychological problems. I think she's looking for sympathy. She seems self absorbed. I think she has an emotional attachment to being homeless, that living in her car gains her sympathy. I think she needs counseling. I don't think she's trying hard enough to get out of her position, and in fact all the attention is probably going to make it harder for her to get out of her position. If she goes into a hostel, gets a job, and rents a flat she will lose her audience.

That's assuming that my feeling is right and she's not a scam artist.

There is a feeling that there's something "not quite right" there, though. It really wouldn't surprise me if we're posting entries in a few months saying how someone dug into her background and discovered she wasn't who, or what, she said she was.

I was very sympathetic to the woman when I first came across her blog. Now... not so much. I really don't think she's doing enough to get out of her situation, based on what she's written. There are inconsistancies in her story.

I guess we'll see what happens in the next few months...


Winter said...

I feel for her. I just hope it's not a scam. Did you listen to the interview?

Allan Goodall said...

No, I haven't had a chance to listen to the interview yet. I will, though.