Tuesday, January 10, 2006

View from the other side

I'm on a mailing list for a company that makes science fiction miniatures games. One of the other participants is John Atkinson, an acerbic combat engineer in the U.S. Army. Since he has similar interests to me game wise, but otherwise he's sort of my antithesis (though I did consider a career in the military at one point) , kind of like my evil twin Skippy.

Anyway, I wish him well on his re-deployment to Iraq. To show that Designated Import is all for equal time, here's the link to his blog:

(For all you liberal blog readers, he tried to show a correlation between liberal, abortion-loving states and declining populations by saying that Massachusetts was one of the few states with a declining population. The first thing I thought of was all the stories I've read about Louisiana's slow growth rate. So, I did a check of the U.S. Census web site and found that there's no correlation between blue states and red states as far as "declining population". I guess John's more about truthiness, and I'm more about factiness.)

(For the record, Masschusetts is listed as 33rd in projected state population increase. Below Massachusetts is Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The only projected states to decrease population were West Virginia and North Dakota, as well as Washington, D.C.)

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