Thursday, January 26, 2006

Still in Kentucky...

Alana and I are still in Kentucky, which is why I haven't been posting to my blog.

I'm here in Kentucky training clients on our software (and cursing the occasional programmer for buggy programs). The first day was pretty much a waste of time. I took their server with me as we were driving. I was supposed to give him the server Sunday night, but he didn't answer my call. He didn't show up until 9:30 the next morning, and took him until after 1 to get the server up and running... and then there were problems with the network connection! It was almost 4 before we had the system installed, which pretty much killed our first day of training.

The second day of training was almost a waste due to the bugs in a couple of data entry programs. We were way behind by the end of that day. Somehow I managed to cover almost everything by the end of today, all except the reports generated by the system.

I won't say anything more about the system.

I do have to get back into technical writing. I was hired to train and to write the help file, but I've done far more testing than writing. Hopefully I'll be able to get into the writing portion when I return to the office, in those few minutes when I'm not doing support calls!

Anyway, Bardstown, KY is a nice, if dull, town. It doesn't have any chain restaurants that aren't fast food, and it has precious few sit down restaurants at all. There is an interesting looking downtown area, but most of the stores are closed by the time I'm off work. There are a couple of bourbon distilleries, which is the chief attraction for tourists.

Bardstown, though, has something Monroe doesn't have: it's a half an hour from an interesting city! We drove to Louisville on Monday night, and ate at Buckhead Mountain Grill (huge portions and very good food, definitely recommended!). I didn't buy anything at Borders book store (Alana bought a couple of small things, but no books), but I did find a couple of things in a comic and game shop called The Great Escape. I picked up Unseen Masters, a Call of Cthulhu adventure supplement, used. It looks as good as new but it was half the cover price. I also got the expansion pack for the storytelling card game Once Upon a Time called Once Upon a Time: Dark Tales. I'll reviewe this when I get a chance to play it. I wish we had more time to traipse around Louisville, but I worked late Tuesday and we didn't feel like going that far yesterday. Alana is on her way back to the hotel as I write this, as she went to Cincinnati to visit her brother and sister-in-law.

I'm hoping to visit the Stones River Civil War battlefield on Saturday, on our way home. The only thing that could prevent this is the weather. It poured Sunday on our way from Nashville to Bardstown. This stopped us from visiting the Perryville Civil War battlefield, which is only about 20 some odd miles from here. It's just killing me being so close to Perryville and not having the time to visit! Oh, well, maybe next time... there's always the chance our clients will need more training.

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