Thursday, January 12, 2006

I-20 to be demolished between Vicksburg and Meridian?

While at lunch I saw video on CNN of President Bush speaking in Mississippi. I noticed that Monroe, Louisiana was prominent in the picture to the left of the president. I thought (like all residents of this backwater town), "Wow! Monroe and the president are in the same image!" So, I figured I'd check out the CNN web site for the picture and maybe post it to the blog. Here's the picture:

See, there's Monroe to the left of the president's head! It's west of the Mississippi and all those tributaries leading to it. People now have proof that Monroe exists! (Note: there's no reason to bother coming here to confirm that fact...)

It wasn't until I found the image that I discovered something disturbing: Interstate 20 is missing, from Vicksburg to somewhere behind the president's head! The interstate should show up as a line running from Vicksburg east to Jackson, MS, and then from Jackson to Meridian.

At first I thought this was maybe some sort of Photoshop trickery, but I found video that showed more of the map. Here's a picture from another angle:

They've erased a huge chunk of I-20!

Now maybe someone just figured out where the president would be standing and thought it best to erase the line. That way it wouldn't look like like squiggles of arcane energy or some sort of mind altering snake were radiating from his head. (Otherwise viewers might mistake him for Dick Cheney. *rimshot*).

Or maybe this is a scoop and the feds are planning to demolish most (but not all) of I-20 in the middle of Mississippi.

Remember, if it comes out in a couple of years that they've torn up I-20, you heard it here first!

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