Wednesday, December 28, 2005

In those 1165 days...

I received the latest Our Lady Peace CD (actually a DualDisc made up of a DVD on one side and a CD on the other) for Christmas. The album, Healty in Paranoid Times is pretty good, at least that was the impression hearing it played once.

In the booklet that comes with the CD, the band says that it took them 1165 days to complete the album. They then list a bunch of things that happened in those 1165 days. The items listed are staggering, particularly given the juxtaposition of North America versus the world.

I can't vouch for the veracity of the items listed, but here is a partial list (mostly omitting the band specific stuff):
  • 30 active wars were started across the globe
  • Iraq was invaded for a second time
  • 9.8 million people died from AIDS
  • 19.2 million people had cosmetic surgery in North America
  • 2000 American soldiers died in Iraq
  • 300,000 civilians died in Darfur
  • 2 million were displaced in Darfur
  • 30 billion cases of soft drinks were sold
  • 6708 hours of t.v. was watched by the average child
  • 4,042,030 people died of cancer in North America
  • 40,000 hybrid vehicles sold
  • 118,000,000 gas vehicles sold
  • 3 trillion dollars spent on global arms trade
  • 138 million people ate at McDonald's
  • 38 billion dollars was spent on pornography
  • 815 billion dollars was profted by pharmaceutical companies
  • 54 million people died from extreme poverty
  • Apple iTunes sold its 500,000,000th song.
  • 0 weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq
  • 42 insects swallowed by the average person while sleeping
  • 6 billion people walked on our planet
  • 3 billion people lived on 2 dollars a day
  • 9 billion dollars was all that was needed for all the Third World to have clean water
  • 27 billion dollars was spent on music in the U.S.
  • 30,000 animal and plant species became extinct
  • 1 billion metric tons of hazardous waste was generated
  • 29 billion dollars was spent on video games
  • 400,000 dollars donated by Paris Hilton to charity from sales of her porn DVD
  • 4.8 million children taking Ritalin

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