Wednesday, December 07, 2005

HarnMaster write-up on HyperBear. No! Really!

After a delay of two months, I finally posted the latest HârnMaster write-up to HyperBear.

Our last roleplaying session was one of those times when we were in more of a socializing mood than a gaming mood. That meant that we didn't get too far in our Delta Green scenario on the Saturday. Instead of playing HârnMaster on the Sunday, we decided to finish the Delta Green scenario.

Okay, so where is the Delta Green write-up? Umm, well... Okay, I was busy. No, really! I've been modifying my Cthulhu miniatures rules. And when I wasn't doing that, I was working on the write-ups for our 4th of July Feng Shui/Delta Green game. I plan to have those write-ups done before Christmas. (Yeah, I know, I told the gang I'd have it ready by Thanksgiving. They'll be done before 2006, I promise! Unless I get busy...)

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