Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just rain so far...

This is a note to our friends and family to let them know how we're doing during the storm. Hurricane Rita made landfall last night. So far we've had a lot of rain, but not much wind. (Oops. As soon as I typed that, there was a strong gust of wind!) Unfortunately, Rita is supposed to stall over Texarkana this week. That's bad for us, as they are calling for rain for the next several days. It's worse for our friends in Texarkana, as they will be right underneath it!

Here's a satellite/radar image from 9:31 EDT (8:31 CDT, our time):

As you can see, the long tendril that curls down to the southeast is in line to run right over Monroe as the storm moves north.

It will still be a couple of hours before the real wind hits us. I'll be surprised if we don't lose power. You'd think they could harden the power system down here, given all the storms, but either it's not possible or the energy companies figure it's cheaper to repair damage than to prevent it in the first place.

Anyway, w'ere hunkering down for the rest of the day, though we may have to make a run somewhere to buy more batteries for our flashlights!


ChrisWoznitza said...
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Allan Goodall said...

I deleted the comment. It was a short "Hi" message with a link to the person's blog. The blog was almost entirely in German, which I don't object to! However, it was also running java. Since there was no telling if the blog was malicious or not, I took out the comment.