Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm fascinated by weird little rancom coincidences. For instance, the other night there I watched a rerun of The Family Guy, which was immediately followed by a rerun of The Office, both of which featured the song "Camptown Races".

This is just one of several that hit me this week. Which brings up another one today. Earlier this week I read a chapter in the upcoming Delta Green book and sent in my comments. Without giving much away, one part of the text mentioned the slave revolt on the island of Saint Dominique in 1789. Today, I happened to catch up on some reading on the Civil War Memory web site, and it, too, mentions that slave revolt (in yesterday's posting). I read about the revolt years ago, and here it pops up twice in a couple of days.

I recommend the Civil War Memory blog, found at It's written by a teacher and Civil War historian, whose mission is to educate about the wary while cutting through many of the myths surrounding it. I've had a link to the site on my blog for a while, but the link was to the old site (I've now updated it).

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