Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Okay, I"m crying I'm laughing so hard

On a lighter note, The Daily Show is quite funny tonight, talking about Queen Elizabeth's visit to the U.S. (Yeah, I know, she calls herself QE2. Scotland never had a queen named Elizabeth, so she's not Scotland's second Queen Elizabeth...) John Oliver, the show's English correspondent, was being made fun of. At one point he retaliated by reminding Jon Stewart that once Britain was as arrogant as the U.S.

"We used to laugh at India. Then we realized that they outnumbered us. And that we didn't like to fight in the heat."

Hmmm... doesn't seem as funny in print, but it had me in stitches with tears streaming from my eyes.

Go to The Daily Show's web site tomorrow and watch it for yourself.

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