Friday, January 01, 2010

Year In Review -- Alana

When I mentioned doing a post of this nature, I meant "we" should in doing a post together (Allan writing; me making snide remarks in the background). Now it seems I'm obligated to post as well, although Allan's beaten me to the punch on most items worthy of notice.

The biggest thing to happen to any of us this year was the publication of Allan's book, This Favored Land. Logan and I were thrilled for him, and his work deserves the many comments I heard about it at GenCon (and other places). He put an incredible amount of time and care into the book, and I'd like to thank Shane Ivey and the other guys at Arc Dream for their belief in Allan's writing.

Healthwise, it hasn't been the best of years. 2009 proved to be better than 2008 for me, but only just. There has been gradual improvement, and I'm thankful for that. (If I never see the inside of another hospital, it will be too soon.) The only good thing to come of all this is the knowledge that Allan is an absolute rock. There's no way I could have made it through the past couple of years without him, and I love him more than ever for always being there.

Our trip to Indianapolis this summer was a good one; the first SF-type con Logan and I have been to, and for Logan, well...he was in the same town as Peyton Manning, and not much tops that. Getting stuck in the elevator somewhat dampened his enthusiasm for big cities, but we had a good time overall, and hope to get to another convention soon.

For me, not working this year has been strange, and somewhat of a mixed bag. I *need* to be working and contributing to the family--but it's been nice, being able to participate more at Logan's school, and being home when he gets here each day. After years of Logan complaining that I worked and couldn't be there every day to help with homework, etc., I think the boy might have changed his mind. I've seen more of his homework than he ever wanted me to, and he's tired of his mom showing up at school to help.

At any rate, I'm now babbling.

Let's all hope that 2010, however you pronounce it, turns out to be an improvement over 2009. I wish for a happy and healthy New Year for each of you.

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