Monday, October 06, 2008

Peculiar political ad

There's a peculiar political ad floating around on Louisiana TV. I just noticed it this weekend, partly because of Alana's surgery, and partly because I mostly avoid the local channels.

The ad is an attack ad by Republican Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy against incumbent Democratic U.S. senator Mary Landrieu (Kennedy is running against Landrieu). The ad accuses Landrieu of voting 81% of the time the same way as Barack Obama.

What's odd about this ad is that, somehow, the Republicans think this revelation is going to come as a surprise. Really? Two Democrats voted the same way? Say it ain't so, Joe... I mean, John!

Well, actually, yeah, it was a surprise. I mean, she only voted the same as Obama 81% of the time? What about the other almost 20%? Which one of them is less liberal, Obama or Landrieu. I'm actually semi serious about this; I'm really curious about the bills where they didn't vote the same.

Anyway, I really can't imagine why the Republicans are wasting money on this ad. Surely they could have come up with a better ad than that, one that doesn't verify what most voters already knew, that Landrieu was in the same party as *gasp* Obama.

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