Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mike Huckabee and the National Igloo

Mike Huckabee won the Republican presidential nomination in Iowa this evening. It is, therefore, only fitting that I present to the people of the United States a younger, chubbier Mike Huckabee at his intellectual best.

The following is a clip from a one hour special — based on a semi-regular segment called "Talking To Americans" — from the Canadian fake news show This Hour Has 22 Minutes. (The show was sort of a Canadian version of The Daily Show, though it predated the American show). This is from 2000, when the then governor of Arkansas congratulated Canada on preserving its National Igloo:


Michael said...

I always thought that "Talking to Americans" was a bit of a cheap-shot: it just can't be all that hard to find ignorant people anywhere, and it's easy to edit out all of the people who said "What a load of cods" to Mercer.

Having said that, this was funny. And it's not a cheap-shot at Huckabee, who bloody well ought to have known something about Canada. And, as the recent boondoggle about the NIE shows, he didn't get a whole lot better-informed in the following years.

Allan Goodall said...

I agree that it's a bit of a cheap shot as far as the premise of the show goes. It's easy to edit it down to make your subjects look stupid.

People are less likely to question Rick Mercer's comments due to him being from the Canada. Saying that the leader of Canada is Lucien Bonhomme is a cheap shot because the joke is lost on anyone not familiar with Canada. Sure, they should catch the fact that Canada doesn't have a "king", but if someone seems sincere and asks you about his country's king, your first inclination is not to question him about it.

On the other hand, folks did say this stuff, and in Huckabee's case the end of the clip strongly suggests that he believed in the National Igloo...