Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On vacation

Just wanted to make a quick post announcing that we are on vacation. I'm typing this in a hotel in Chattanooga, TN. We left Saturday. On Sunday we visited some of Alana's family who live in the area. Most of today was spent at the Chickamauga American Civil War battlefield park. We did get to a large nearby mall, too... which had a game store! (Jimmy and Jason, there is a hack-and-slash viking roleplaying game in your future).

Tomorrow we are going up Lookout Mountain, and will hit some of the local attractions. There is an aquarium and a cave complex that Logan will enjoy (though he seemed pretty entranced by the battlefield).

The only downside has been my forgetting to set the VCR. I wanted to tape the Stephen King miniseries that starts Wednesday. I also wanted to tape the World Cup final game. I didn't manage to do either.

I probably won't post much until we get home. When I do, I'll give a more detailed account of our vacation. Right now, we're too busy enjoying our time away from work.

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