Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Delta Green write-up posted

A new Delta Green write-up, and it appeared less than a month since the previous write-up!

This write-up marks a turning point in the campaign. Along with big changes in the Delta Green organization, the members of M Cell find themselves involved in a dangerous mission with an old foe in the Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. A highlight of this adventure is Alana's portrayal of Agent MAYA, a native of New Orleans. Her character's attitude about leaving the city was not universal, but it was definitely authentic. You saw the same attitude in the aftermath of the storm, particularly among the folks in Mississippi. I heard a number of people say that they stayed because they made it through Hurricane Camille without a problem. Alana's character echoes that sentiment here.

That's not to say that Jimmy and Jason didn't do a wonderful job themselves. They did! Jason's previous character died about 4 or 5 sessions back. His new character is quite different from his old. The game feels much different with Agent MALCOLM in place of Agent MICHAEL, and that has to do with Jason's characterization of MALCOLM and Jimmy's and Alana's characters' reaction to him. I've seen other games where the same player could run two different characters and you wouldn't know the difference. This time out there was more interaction between Agent MAYA (Alana) and Agent MORGAN (Jimmy). This was good to see, as more recently the dynamic was between MORGAN and MALCOLM.

I hope the players are having as much fun with the game as I am.

Anyway, about the write-up... You can find the write-up at the Modern Day Delta Green write-ups page. The write-up is for session 1 of Winds of Change. The game was played on February 18, 2006.

Our next game is scheduled for March 18, 2006.

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