Thursday, November 17, 2005

Halloween Revisited

I set up an ID over on Photobucket in order to host pictures for my blog. Jimmy Pope held his annual Halloween party in Texarkana back on October 29. I took pictures at the party. The first roll of film was developed, and the pictures are now online.

You can see the pictures by clicking on this link:

The pictures are in thumbnail format. Click on the picture and you will get a larger version of the picture, and a full caption.

We first went to Jimmy's Halloween party last year and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. This year we were both in dire need of relaxation when it rolled around. Alana spent her evenings the week before the party sewing the cloak for my costume. She was still sewing parts of it in the car on the way to the party! You'll notice that Alana and I aren't in the pictures. Those shots are on the next roll, which I hope to get developed Real Soon Now.

A wonderful time was had by all! We picked up a box of 100 Raising Cane's chicken fingers (the best in the world!) in Shreveport for Jimmy, and they were still warm by the time we got to the party. I was dressed as a generic fantasy nasty critter, sort of like I did the year before. I have an actual theme costume in mind for next year. Alana insists she wasn't in a costume, but she had on leather boots, leather jacket, an "I'm no Princess" t-shirt, and a gun, so I think that qualified.

The only real downside to the party was that I discovered it's almost impossible to eat while wearing my cloak; the sleeves tend to drag through things on the table. Oh, and I refuse to wear a mask next year, as it's very hard to mingle and, well, breathe while wearing a mask. I didn't sample the "brains" (jello and alcohol set in a brain mould) but Alana, several times from what I've heard. *grin*

Jimmy throws a wonderful party (thanks Jimmy!) The bar room had a casket on sawhorses for a bar, and the TV played The Rocky Horror Picture Show throughout the evening. The living room was full of helium balloons and streamers, which was a nice touch (even if it did make picture taking problematic). The dining room was incredibly laid out, both with decorations and food. I understand that all of the chicken was devoured before morning. I know not everyone liked the fog machine, but I loved it, particularly since the airsoft gun Alana was using had an under-barrel light and a laser, both of which look great in the fog.

Can't wait for next year's party!


Here are some pictures from Halloween night.

This is how we decorated the front door of our apartment. The witch hangs on the door in front of a bubbling cauldron. The cauldron wasn't bubbling too much that evening. The flames are white material that flaps upwards due to a fan in the cauldron. The rain soaked the material, preventing it from bubbling.

This is the same part of the apartment, but a different angle and with a better idea of how it looked at night.

The front of the apartment below our bedroom window. This is where we put up our "graveyard". Not visible are two ghosts we had hanging from the window shutters.

Our favourite part of the set up is the skeleton coming out of the ground to take candy from a dropped candy bucket. The bucket is shaped like a silly ghost head. We glued artificial candy to a transluscent container lid and placed that on top of the bucket. Inside a bucket is a florescent light. This picture doesn't do it justice; it's a pretty cute set up, and takes away a little bit of the fright a skeleton might have for small kids. Or, at least, it would have, if we had any kids actually show up this year!

Now, a couple of pictures of our own little monster! This is Logan in his army costume before he went out trick-or- treating.

And this is Logan, outside, with the veil of his hat pulled down. How stealthy is that!

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